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The Gathering

Music, Workshops & Art

Thursday 17 to Saturday 19 August 2023 France


The Gathering 2023 is helaas voorbij, maar wat hebben we genoten!

Met de herinnering deze tweede weer zeer bijzondere editie gaan we ons na de zomer beraden op een vervolg. Natuurlijk kun je je blijven inschrijven, hou deze site in de gaten en volg ons op de socials voor het laatste nieuws en andere Tribe-activiteiten. 

Tot bij de volgende!!

Give yourself the gift of this summer!

An intimate gathering of bon vivants under the French sun. Perhaps this is the best way to describe what The Gathering of our Talking Trees Tribe entails. For three days and three nights you will be immersed in a sensational compilation of live music and performances, delicious vegetarian food and varied workshops. Think of a kind of mini version of Burning Man with a Bohemian touch, all in a breathtakingly beautiful location in the east of France. An experience to never forget.


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Dancing on a sultry summer evening in France to the sounds of… an elder tree??


The Gathering is an exclusive 3-day experience. You will stay in your own tent or motorhome at a unique location that we enkel share with participants. The atmosphere is super relaxed and every day is filled with art, music and workshops. Talking Trees invites you to fall in love with nature again. There is a program, which is supplemented by everything that arises on site in co-creation with each other.

This project was initiated by Bert Barten, artist and musician and now your host of Talking Trees Tribe, The Gathering.

Bert Barten / Talking Trees / Founder

Talking Trees Festival | music and other art | Bert Barten | Frankrijk

 Deep vibrations from trees turned into music.Talking Treesis a project about changing perception. Making the invisible visible, making the supersonic audible. This project was initiated byBart Barten, artist and musician and now your host of Talking Trees Tribe, The Gathering.

How did people experience it last year? 

Isabelle (deelnemer)

"I really enjoyed it intensely, it was one big gift, one big party, beautiful music, such fine people, connected with each other.  It was the best of all of 2022 for me."




Musicians & Performers

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